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Hilton Manchester Airport FCU Refurb

Location: Hilton Manchester Airport

We have now completed the final phase of Bedroom FCU refurbishments with no bedroom offline for more than a few hours.

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Thistle St Albans Hotel, St Albans
Value: 39k
Hilton Cardiff Hotel, Cardiff
Hilton Manchester Airport, Manchester Airport
Value: 132k
Ramada Jarvis Inverness Hotel, Inverness

National cover

Hockley Building Services offer nationwide coverage across the UK, with response times of up to four hours. Our site locations are shown below.

Hilton Cardiff Hotel
For the replacement of 420no. bedroom fan coil 4 port valves and actuators.

Hilton Manchester Airport
Manchester Airport
Value: £132k
The refurbishment of 136no. 4 pipe fan coils while still in situ with no loss of bedroom availability to the hotel.

Ramada Jarvis Inverness Hotel
To replace the bath, shower mixers for a thermostatic bath shower mixer in all bedrooms while the hotel is fully operational.

Thistle St Albans Hotel
St Albans
Value: £39k
For replacement of the main hotel boilers and associated pipe work including all pumps and strainers.